Forced to quit music....

2017-04-14 11:02:34 by MkalluxMusic

So fl shit 12 decided to quit fucking working.... So guess what? that means i cant ever fucking make music again! i tried reinstalling butit just didnt work!



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2017-04-14 11:45:37

I think the only way it might work is if you factory reset your pc.

MkalluxMusic responds:

The problem is I can't find it online either....


2017-04-14 13:31:19

There is always an earlier version of FL; I have vowed NEVER to touch FL 12 with the end of a barge pole, and I still stick to 11.

MkalluxMusic responds:

Eh, I will "try" to get ableton studio but if it doesn't work, don't expect to see me anymore


2017-04-23 03:01:41

I mean. You're really good at music and quitting it is horribly wrong. Never give up on your hopes and dreams. Never give up on the skills you're really good at.

MkalluxMusic responds:

Old post is old xD. I got ableton now.