2017-05-08 18:35:40 by MkalluxMusic

Hi, you might hate me forever after you read this... Im not even 19... But, I have something to tell you all....

Plyxel and me are in fact the same person. At first i created this account for fun as it represent​ed a character i made Which was of a "Humanized" Version of the song "Monster Dance Off" by F-777 (Hence the name MD-777 MonsterDanceoff-777). I didnt think i would actually care to much about this account and the reason i never told the truth was because i was scared all of you would hate me, but, it has gotten so big that i just had to stop it. I HATE lying which is why i could never consistantly inpersonate someone without telling the truth a while after...

So i decided to finally do this....

I understand if you hate me now, you can unfollow me, block me, leave my discord. I dont care. I just had to tell the truth.

I will continue to use the two accounts for different style songs though...

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2017-05-08 18:40:15

I don't hate you, why would I? It's normal for people to have alts.

MkalluxMusic responds:

Yes but in this one I was pretending to be a totally different person.


2017-05-08 19:05:49

there's nothing wrong with admitting you have alts.

MkalluxMusic responds:

Yes but I was pretending to be an entirely different person


2017-05-09 00:46:33

What is wrong with having an alt? I have an alt where i dump horrible music... and several old alts. As long as you're not using them to upvote your own music, you'll be fine.


2017-05-09 03:16:06

Well, if you're planning to use the alts for original work, fine. We've had those who impersonated other artists and uploaded their work without permission. To me it sounds like you were roleplaying, which I believe has been done before on NG.


2017-05-19 03:23:52

Oh, are you now 15? Same age.

MkalluxMusic responds:

13 almost 14... Turning 14 May 28